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Application opens: 12:00 AM EST on January, 10th 2024.

Application closes: 11:59 PM EST on March 1st, 2024.

Camp Dates

  July 7 to July 13, 2024


Cost of camp: $650

Admissions decisions were released to applicant emails on April 15th. If you still have not received your decision, please email

Application Questions

Please list any extracurricular activities, honors, volunteer work, familial responsibilities, or employment
  1. Indicate the level of involvement of each activity (i.e. hours/week, total time committed, leadership positions). Provide your response in bullet point form.

Free Response Questions
  1. What would you hope to gain from SEE Camp? (200 words or less)

  2. Please indicate between 2 and 3 engineering disciplines you would like to learn more about and explain your choices. (200 words or less)

  3. Tell us about something that is important to you. You can pull from a facet of your identity, background, story or something that motivates you (300 words or less)

A few important notes before you begin the application

  1. We recommend writing out longer responses in a separate document in case of technical difficulties prier to submission.

  2. Once the application is submitted, it cannot be retracted or rewritten.

  3. An electronic signature from the applicant and a parent/guardian is required to submit the form.

Note: The short answer questions are all detailed below for your convenience.

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